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Hollywood insider acknowledging the film could be a game changer. The independent comedy feature in development for the past 2 years has finally been green lit. A UK/Canadian co-production will start shooting in fall 2012, the following cast attached: Sean Power, Adam Wilson, Carly Jones and Jana Peck with Joseph Nanni directing. Things you need to know about the movie:

It is set in space

It has absolutely nothing to do with the show ‘Not Going Out’ on BBC

You will not need 3D glasses to enjoy it

..although if WB wants distribution they might insist- we’ll see

It is funny. Very Funny.

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The drive to Bristol, or ‘Bristols’ as I have since been told was..well..rainy. Its a lovely scenic route along the M4 as many of my fellow bikers will no doubt agree (saw loads of rallies on the Sunday). I didn’t have a chance to explore the historic part of Bristol (which might have been a bit more sombre), as we sound checked our monologues at 11 and I arrived at 10.

The best part of the day was working with these heros of stage and screen, these happy few, these band of brothers. My kinda celebrities really.  Theatre chops abound, it


was a joy to be working alongside Geoffrey Palmer, Samantha Bond, Tony Robinson, Alison Steadman and (not pictured) Bill Wallis & wife Kate, Lynne Truss (the fantastic writer), and Sarah Blunt. Everyone was as completely brilliant as I expected. And as we know


I have high expectations.


Moscow Moscow

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Legge Napoli

me in teatro argentina .....'whaddya mean its not roller ball night?'

First, I must thank Gabriele and Francesco and the very friendly staff at Teatro Argentina, for being so accomadating and well…paisans. For those of you who don’t know it- it is one of Roma’s oldest(1732)and most prestigious stages- everyone who was everyone has performed here Rossini’s Barber of Seville opened here, Verdi’s I due Foscari and the list goes on..
So I was happening by the other just so happened be 10 minutes to curtain and so in I happed to see what turned out to be a one man show. With nothing but a music stand, Toni Servillo(quite established actor) read and enacted a non stop selection of Napoli’s great poets… Now in case ya didn’t figure it’s a different dialect, so some Romans had almost as much difficulty as yours truly understanding all of it. But it didn’t matter— Toni Servillo’s sing song voice with his precise and honest delivery had me riveted. His performance trancended translation. It was phenomenal performance. Magic. And affirming that such a high standard of technique is still internationally appreciated….
I met Toni in his dressing room after the show and he was very gracious..ahh yes..the sign of a true star.

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I don’t mind the snow. I quite like it, actually. Its character building. I’ve lived through desolate Canadian prairie winters as a child.. walking to school in -27. No joke

But this crap… this ‘I-thought-it-was-spring-and-now-its-not-British-cold-snap-have-some-snow’ crap, is annoyin me. And heres why:

I already thoroughly cleaned/treated my bike in a foolishly expectant ‘ spring is here’ state of mind..

I put away my winter training gear with a foolishly expectant ‘ winter is gone’ attitude..

My internal temp gauge had already switched to the spring default  ‘Im used to being warm’ setting— so much so, that I am solely responsioble for  keeping my Gas supplier’s accounts in the black this month.

Npower now stands for ‘No Problem, Power’s taken care of it’

So whoever is in charge. Please cease and desist. We got the point, lets move on. Its doing nobody any good, so lets revert back to the way things were..say, last year.

And give me some heat on Valentines day, will ya? Priorities priorities




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Its almost that time again.. That time, when the glistening Hollywood Locomotive hops into 6th gear..massive cogs start a’ turnin.. steam starts to billow, and the platform crowds with an unending influx of bright eyed hopefuls from every walk of life..hoping to catch a ride.

Hugh Laurie would remember it well, he was there not too long ago.. hmm

Anyway, best advice: have your hair done, dress elegantly, and jostle for position at the front, its best to get an aisle seat.


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If you go by the Mayan calender…sumin supposed to happen in December…

In the meantime, heres  hoping reality shows are finished forever, people just Go to auditions instead of entire families making a nights entertainment of it … maybe more plays like Jerusalem are mounted and ..then IQs will slowly start to rise again. I actually Have learned something in the new year...all the clips on this website load fast and are now via youTube..which is Google I understand( and if you change your password for changes the other- didnt like that action). So its much faster ..yep..basically youTube is faster than having everything on your own server. Something learned. Day one.


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I wish I had a million dollars.Hot dog!

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They dont blog or tweet.

Thats the rule.

..Im told..

… OR they ARE that busy and working loads but just have no friends, so the only thing they do in their spare time is tweet and blog. Which either way you slice it – its a bit lame really.When you think about it. The whole twitter thing. I made it a point of following random strangers on twitter because I could give a fk what any celeb had for lunch or who they met or how nice their dressing room was..

..Mine was very nice in Roma by the way.

..Fresh cut flowers everyday.

..Its in my rider

Because I’m worth it.

And I do actually get more of a kick reading ‘normal peoples’ tweets. Especially if they’re funny. Twitter does have one endearing feature that I do love- you can tweet something directly to someone and no matter who they are be pretty sure – they read it. heh heh. Yep Seany like dat

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1. All Romans are beautiful. And have impeccable taste in scarves..and let you know it
2. If you are walking across the street anywhere- they will try to hit you. This is not out of spite, its just the ‘way things are’
3. Even if you are a WILL have the carbonara, and it will be to die for.
4. It is a more simple truthful existence, albeit more fumes than midtown manhattan at rushour
5. Cobblestones are crazy slippy on two wheels
5.There are more tourists than actual Italians like basically everwhere. That being said Roman tradition holds strong
6.Even if you are Italian… if you act like a scamorza they’ll treat you like one, and try to fleece you
7.At night, nail everything down thats not inside
8.”Nero was a Hero! Not just a crazy Zero!” is not a popular catchphrase, and unlikely to catch on
(maybe something lost in translation)
9.Switchboard at RAI is about as useful as the one at the BBC
10. Italian actors Try harder.
11. So do Some Italian women.                                                                                                                                                                                           12. Italians are very emotional, but rarely angry                                                                                                                                                         13. Catacombs are just the tip of the iceberg                                                                                                                                                                   14. Giordani Bruno still has some secrets                                                                                                                                                                         15. EVERYONE in Italy loves DUCATI




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turns out they like me so much the last time, they want me back. See? Now that’s how it should work- they like you? they ask you back. It less passive aggressive over in Italia – in fact ‘that’ character trait is looked down upon(Grazie San Giuda) and go figure! they put ability over anything else..well..that and Family connections… and… looks.. occasionally..anyway via veneto is calling

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