They dont blog or tweet.

Thats the rule.

..Im told..

… OR they ARE that busy and working loads but just have no friends, so the only thing they do in their spare time is tweet and blog. Which either way you slice it – its a bit lame really.When you think about it. The whole twitter thing. I made it a point of following random strangers on twitter because I could give a fk what any celeb had for lunch or who they met or how nice their dressing room was..

..Mine was very nice in Roma by the way.

..Fresh cut flowers everyday.

..Its in my rider

Because I’m worth it.

And I do actually get more of a kick reading ‘normal peoples’ tweets. Especially if they’re funny. Twitter does have one endearing feature that I do love- you can tweet something directly to someone and no matter who they are be pretty sure – they read it. heh heh. Yep Seany like dat

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