The drive to Bristol, or ‘Bristols’ as I have since been told was..well..rainy. Its a lovely scenic route along the M4 as many of my fellow bikers will no doubt agree (saw loads of rallies on the Sunday). I didn’t have a chance to explore the historic part of Bristol (which might have been a bit more sombre), as we sound checked our monologues at 11 and I arrived at 10.

The best part of the day was working with these heros of stage and screen, these happy few, these band of brothers. My kinda celebrities really.  Theatre chops abound, it


was a joy to be working alongside Geoffrey Palmer, Samantha Bond, Tony Robinson, Alison Steadman and (not pictured) Bill Wallis & wife Kate, Lynne Truss (the fantastic writer), and Sarah Blunt. Everyone was as completely brilliant as I expected. And as we know


I have high expectations.


Moscow Moscow

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