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It is that curious hypocrisy which haunts Comic Con and many an onlinemoviebloggersite. They will let slide all obvious problems with the latest big budget hollywood sci fi blockbuster because of the hype and big names attached(example: the acting in Avatar maybe?),  then overcompensate for smaller budget films attacking their attempts with boisterous declarations of bilious disgust at perceived blasphemy!  It somehow makes them more an expert the less commercial the enterprise. There are those that fight back however. The ‘curse of the arm chair blogger’ does not infect the writers at Diabolique Magazine. Probably because it is a proper magazine and they- are proper writers, not just spotty teenage cave dwellers. Regardless of the review check out the retro style of this online mag- its too cool for school. Really. I dig it -it is very impressive. And Im not just saying that.

Talent is not utilized for design alone at Diabolique. This reviewer for example is web editor of the magazine Ken.W Hanley, who is contributing writer on other online publications and among other things actually went to University! And studied screenwriting.

A far cry from high score and online champ for Ghost Recon. Bloggers beware.

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