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This comedy is a modern take on Jack and the Beanstalk set in the capital of the best plants. the Brilliant Lennox Bros first feature is going to quite simply knock your freakin socks off.


Brilliant cast. Brilliant script. Fierce determination.


not to mention Mick Kali smokin for the old school. Peace dudes. off to catch a big one


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Yep. Me and Noah man. Me and Noahh. Thats about the size of it. The weather. Did some standup last week but the audience- was actually sopping wet ..so couldnt get that much needed spark. So I had to jump start them. With electrical cables. true story.  Anyhoo please excuse the twitter feed. I have literally tried to fix it for two hours. but since my computer was built by Rod fricken Serling. well…ITs a Whole other UNiVERSE man. My computer. Its like a magic random portal, that comes up with tricks and illusions that just completely mess with your reality. Like you work frustratingly long on two applications- and JOY one works the way its supposed to, but in the middle of them will appear a  dancing bear, holding an polka dot umbrella, and singing “you didnt get it you got it wrooooong”


So my tech buddy spossed to be helping. Until then less twitter more Lead Balloon clips YAY

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Dont blink!


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Its a hard life, mon ami, quand vous etes un celebre acteur anglais parmi les belles femmes francais!! Mon dieux mon dieux.

 There goes the no wheat no dairy. cheese cheese mutard mutard baguette 



check out this spooky church. Dan Brown eat ur fricken heart out booya






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Four weeks of intensive physical preparation went into this. I had a regimented rehearsal process of like– at least once a day. I am very proud of my work here and love to show it to you. please feel free to comment. I worked my fingers to the zombie bone, if you will, and think by the end…I nailed it. Oh yes. I am Zombie


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Heres the skinny: I was fliming Fright Night 2 in Romania before Xmas and needed emergency surgery on my finger the day I was leaving ….Dec. 23. Surgery was fine and I am prescribed antibiotics & given strict instructions on taking them to prevent infection. I pack my bags, and with bandaged finger head to the airport.

I get to Otopeni Airport and -bless- the girl at  the check in desk, she barely speaks any english. She is however, the Lufthansa representative. I am worried as the security is very strict there and I ask if I can bring my medication as carry on. She says no, then yes, then no, then yes- I say “its medication and very important”, she suggests ‘ if you don’t want someone to take, you put in check luggage’. I decide to check the meds not wanting to lose them and trusting her advice. She also assures me, in what sounds like Romanian that the bags will arrive safely. I get on the flight, its 20 minutes delayed for the connecting flight which will now leave late from Munich. I ask the stewardess on the plane- she guarantees the luggage will make it.  I ask stewardess when I get to the new gate, before I board and make her aware of the importance and make her check – she does by getting on the phone stating ‘your bag with is aboard this plane’; I check with the stewardess before I board asking her to check. Like the other she too, checks by phone and says to me – the bags are on the flight. I explain the problems if they arent and that I need to board a transatlantic flight in 9 hours from London to Toronto

Guess what.

Waited at Heathrow until 12 am and no luggage.They then promised I’d get it the ‘next day’. Got home by 130am had to pack and get ready for transatlantic flight to canada in 8 hours. No time to go to A&E. Checked lost luggage in the morning- nothing. Got on flight, DEC 24  had to soak finger in salt water on and off -for the entire trip. Got to Pearson Intl. Not a soul at the Lfthansa desk. No luggage again. In such pain went to Sunnybrook A&E, waited hoursss. Was seen- doctor confirmed infection had begun to set in, prescribed broad spectrum antibiotics that were like chemo pills. felt ill for the 7 days that I was to enjoy with my family. Called wrote and went to Lufthansas :London offices, was totally ignored and told to ‘contact customer relations on website’. After 2 months.. a response- not even apologizing and stating they take no responsibility for late luggage.  NOT EVEN AN APOLOGY. So I email back asking for refund for my flight, they refuse so I am forced to file claim. I write to the CEO of Lufthansa, we have a mutual friend. I state we should probably resolve this before court….I get this in the post


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Buying small land masses in Ireland is a good thing and I strongly recommend it. Especially nowadays, those who had crazy dough during the celtic tiger, now are now just crazy in debt. I hate to be a smart ass with an I told you so look, but I DID do a play called Celtic Tiger Me Arse in 1999. Truer word were n’er spoke methinks.



Just put an offer on an 18 hole golf course, which sounds epic but…. there is a limited amount of golfers left in County Wicklow. At last count, the number of  full time golfers was- 8.  Most of ex-full timers are now working two jobs to pay off their negative equity mortgages, never mind support their green meadows habit. Nonetheless, the land and the beauty is timeless and, wellsure,  “you can’t go wrong with a golf course” I am told.. 


Ireland, as we all know, is not in a good state. I mean, well denial is actually a lovely place to be, but realistically only if you are in Egypt. A friend recently told me that over 370 000 Irish have emigrated since the economic collapse. My  my, Seems like ol’ times.. I still had a complete gobshite broker condescending to me on the phone ‘everything is brilliant’ , it seemed more important to him to uphold the image as opposed to sort out the problem

This, however, is a good thing. Irish character,wit and fight thrive in oppressive times. Historically thats what has made Irish character. It is what being a true Irishman is all about.  Its in our DNA, its a genetic predisposition.. like dipsomania, big brains and bad feet.  And Sure Dublin was in need of a good class culling…everyone was becoming compleeeete wankers anyway.

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The following is an experiment in social conditioning, and nothing to do with being funny or popular





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